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Hey you! Welcome to my website and thank you for your curiosity.

My name is Anne-Lotte and I am what would be described best as a holistic life coach. Holistic comes from the greek word which means 'whole'.

This means that with the holistic approach we look at the being as a whole. Whenever a challenge appears, such as a physical illness or an anger problem, we don’t just look at that symptom. Instead we dive into:

- The physical causes
- What is happening on an emotional level,
- What are the mental conditions (such as limiting beliefs),

- How is your energetic state of being
- What is the core of your being

​To me, being a coach means that I am guiding you on a journey. I don't know any better than you do. I know something different and together we will explore what your needs are and how I can help you best to achieve your goals.


​We often struggle with so many little things. Little habits that disturb us, small discomforts that makes us feel unsatisfied. I've been there too. I know what you're going through. And I've struggled along many different routes, many ways, lost many people, lost all my safety in life. And everyday I am grateful for the fact that I am still standing.

​My background
As a kid, I didn’t know how to work with my emotions. I felt pressure from life all the time. I felt different and got angry, because nobody taught me how to be peaceful.


​Throughout the journey I've learned how to unconditionally love myself.
I have learned how to free myself from all the beliefs that were imprinted by myself or my surroundings and to live abundantly. And I knew, from the moment I was free, this is the best feeling I can ever have. How did I ever live in that dream? How did I never see what would be behind the clouds?

Now I am wide awake and I enjoy every moment that has been given to me. Still, the road is not always easy, the surface is not flat, but it doesn't mean that you're not able to thrive on your seeds of love/happiness/colour.
It was in this very moment I knew that this is a world I want to show people.


​I am here to help you heal. Whether that is physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically or spiritually. It does not matter where the cause is rooted, we will dive into the whole. I cannot make you any promises about your results, but I can promise I will do everything within my reach to give you everything you deserve in order to get a fair chance of letting go.


​Change is probably one of the scariest things humans have to achieve. It is about letting go of control and being receptive to the new. It's time to leave your safe space and take the leap. Because if you don't trust yourself doing it now, who else can you trust?


Let's attract abundance. Let's free ourselves from caged thinking. Let's invite serendipity into our lives. Come and join me?

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