Saying yes to a journey with no fixed outcome is frightening. That’s why we will work on your self-trust and your confidence in letting go. In other words, the confidence of trusting the process.

Through the journeys of Seeds to Serendipity I want to help you find your own perspective on your journey. I want to help you understand and embrace your true inner emotions in order to create a valuable connection with the outer world. To learn how to let go of societal expectations and to come back to your own roots.

Together, we will look at what you need right now to be able to release what no longer serves you and grow into​ the direction you want to go in​.

​As a holistic coach I look at your being as a whole, which means we will work on different levels and with a variety of techniques. These include:

a guided 7 day colourful growth journey 

This includes a range of different methods, all combined into a single programme based on your needs and goals. As a part of the journey you will experience a pressure cooker, restore, recover, and rebuild week. This is a blissful opportunity to completely step out of your comfort zone and escape into a new environment. Here, you will be able to focus on yourself, your goals, needs and wishes instead of always putting yourself second.

The optimal performance journey

With the unique Mind5 M.E.T.H.O.D. I will guide you through a 6 week training programme. This training is designed to help you: better understand your own behavior, recognise the signals from your body, and understand your stress-related coping-mechanisms. This will help you to manage your own energy in daily life based on your peak moments. You will be able to easily manage setbacks and stand in your own power.

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The sound journey

In this journey, sound will travel with you through the unlimited space of your physical body. Relax or heal yourself with a beautiful sound bath or body session. Completely focused on your desired intention. As many times as you desire.
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The yin journey 

On this journey you will let your breath set the pace. With Yin you are able to return fully to your body. Why is this so important? It’s because you will start to experience pure joy when you live in true connection with your body and heart. This journey is possible for individuals, grups, or as a pre-recorded session.
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