Seeds of love

Bijgewerkt: 13 sep 2020

Love teaches me that I am unpredictable,

Love shows me that I am vulnerable.

Love shows me that I want to be nurtered and cannot always take care of myself,

Love shows me me.

When love is around, in anyway in any form,

It transforms into a lesson.

No love is therefor a waste of time.

Love showed me the pure me;

Love for others and love for myself.

Love shows me I can always choose one of the two road, the hard or the easy,

Love shows me me.

In love I can feel nurtured,

In love I can feel deeply alive.

in love I can feel the pain,

In love I can feel the suffer.

It is love that teaches me lessons in live;

Love for my parents, love for a partner, love for Jesus or any God.

Love means commitment,

A risk I dare to take

Because love shows me me.

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