The mirror

The beautiful blue eyes I used to look at in the mirror,

Now seem empty and surrounded by darkness.

I never imagined life would drag me down this hard again

I knew I was taking myself with me on my travels,

With all the pains, wounds, sorrows.

But oh that it could be this hard, nobody told me. Nobody could.

They told me I couldn’t make it this long.

This much money would run out in maybe three months

Or that I would feel homesick too.

Sure. I took the words in and let them program me.

Program me over my own reality of proud, hope and dreams.

All the beliefs, the fears I have build over the years,

Even the ones that I already faced multiple times back ‘home’,

Are now brought into a daylight that is so much stronger.

It sets me back harder then ever before.

But I know, it will build me op bigger then before.

The virus inside me, programmed by others’ damaging words,

my own damaging words and beliefs, I will take down.

I will face every day, every opportunity,

as a lesson given from life to build me up.

To create my own hardware in my mind; to create my path of life.

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