Recharge your energetic system with sound healing.

Our body uses frequencies also known as vibrations. A philosophy in life, whether you follow this or not, is that everything is vibration. As we have a closer look to sound bowls, we can tell that they have a vibration too. And every sound bowl uses its own frequency.

The result of this, in combination with your body, is the amazing slowing down of your brain waves - which affects the cells in your body. Shifting and healing just through sound.


​Whenever sound baths or meditations are used, people find their way back to themselves. A moment of peace where the body and mind get another chance to get aligned. Something that is so important for us to feel bliss and balance in life.


​You are able to feel the changes not only emotionally or physically. You will be able to see these effects throughout your day. Think about improved sleep, lower stress levels, fewer mood swings and many more.


​A session of sound healing can be done individually or in a group. You can either choose to use mediation or you can be provided with a complete sound bath. Both are extremely useful and calming methods that work towards healing and peace.


​Currently, I offer two different types of sound healing. A sound bath or a body session.


In a sound bath, it’s all about the meditation focused on the sounds. Meditation comes in different ways, with different purposes. You can see the sound bath as a way of meditating focusing on the sounds, whereas meditation without sounds would let you focus more on your breathing, for example.

In my experience, using sound lets you travel through an inner journey in which every sound comes at the right moment for you. It tells a story and it’s letting you into the 'story'.

With an intention you can focus on specific areas. This can be, for example, expanding your gratitude, releasing stress, letting go of trauma, etc.


A sound bath can take about 30 to 90 minutes, depending on your preferences and goals. This can always be discussed and adjusted to your needs.


In a body session you will experience a type of healing meditation in which you will receive the touch of the bowls on your body. The vibrations of the bowl will not only travel into the room but also through your body. You receive the direct contact of the vibrations which works on a deeper level of healing into your brain, connecting to your vagus nerve, straight into the rest of your organs.

In this healing, every part of your body will be approached and massaged with a sound bowl. Therefore it is necessary that you have no open wounds or fractures.


This healing will take about 60 to 90 minutes and can take place in your own home.