YIn YOga

"It's a sharp reset and the right environment to create awareness. I have learned to create more space to realise what I am working on, what costs me energy. 
To me the vibe was really good and everything is really clearly explained. And you, as trainer, made it really easy for everybody to go along with the exercises."

"People told me in the past that I might be too restless for this type of yoga, and I understand why. But I did it!

Because you must hold a pose for quite a while your muscles will complain.
As a triathlete I give all, also when it hurts, the goal is the finish line. I do not even think about letting the pain take over, I persevere, and love the challenge. In these yoga poses my first reaction was to give up, maybe because it is new. And with the form of silence and stillness the discomfort gets a louder voice than in a triathlon race. But I linked it to my athlete mentality. Through mindful breathing I was able to let the discomfort be. 

Where I would have otherwise pressed fast forward, Anne-Lotte now positively guided me to stay in the pose, with a calm mind. My body feels recovered and for the first time it really got the time and attention it deserves. I feel calm but also energetic and it feels like my blood can flow smoothly again. 

Thanks Anne-Lotte for this great experience of Yin Yoga."