Nothing has more potential for strengthening one’s sense of well-being than effectively loving and being loved. I truly believe that love is the seed that makes you grow colourful. This seed starts within you.

Start loving yourself first, before expecting anybody else to love you. What better gift to give to the world, to yourself, than somebody who is present in their own strength.


​When I started practising yoga, I had no rest. I was mentally drained, my body was exhausted and I had no concentration. I knew very little about yoga, but I forced myself to do it everyday.

I started slowly. Taking a maximum of 20 minutes a day, doing Vinyasa yoga. Every day I was happy that I completed my task but I didn't feel emotionally recharged.


It wasn't until a couple of months later when I had my first experience with Yin yoga. My practices became 30 minutes long, then 40 minutes, and soon I did not want anything less than 60 minutes a day.

"My body started breathing again" 

I noticed that my body started breathing again. The shallowness inside started disappearing. These 60 minutes made a difference at that very moment; where my body could rest and my mind could come home. And I started noticing the bigger picture had changed too. My emotions were so much easier to balance, I felt less stressed by things that used to make me stressed all the time, my headaches started to disappear, my food consumption became more healthy and most of all I felt energetic and happy.


And ever since those changes started moving clearly through my life, I knew​ that this is something I want to offer you too.


"I want to show you what difference
a little change can make."


Yoga to me is the start of change. The moment of silence. The opportunity to align body and mind.

Taking rest is about refilling, rewinding, renewing, rebuilding, reshaping and repairing. In silence and trust you will find strength. In quietness and confidence, trust is your strength.